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Posted: December 1, 2009 in All Post, Cerita Harian

Its all about guilty…

when you are thinking about something and you just can’t find the right person to share it but you have to drop it out from your mind… may be “writing” is the only way

let’s forget it off for a while about what I am going to write about..& let’s sing a song..

Title: The Rasmus – Guilty lyrics

I feel guilty
my words are empty
no signs to give you
i don’t have the time for you

you say i’m heartless
and you say i don’t care
i used to be there for you
and you’ve said i seem so dead, that i have changed
but so have you

guilty, guilty i feel so
empty, empty you know how to make me feel

i put a shield upon you
i didn’t mean to hurt you
i would have only poisoned your mind
never meant to make you cry

you’ve been so thoughtless
i can see right through you
you used to be there for me
so don’t you leave say goodbye
cause you have changed but so have i

i never thought that the time and the distance
between us made you so much colder
i’ll carry the world on my shoulders



A nice song & very good lyric… 🙂
it’s really describe what someone is thinking on his mind when he feel guilty…
specially for someone who he care a lot matter it is for a friend or a spouse
because sometimes you care a lot about someone who is only just a friend for you and it is not someone who “in relationship” with you..even though she never know about it.

It could be just a friendship.. but this friend give and help you a lot when you are in difficulty & you were surrounding by many problems..& you really can feel about the assistance from the one…

Sometimes solution aren’t so simple…& goodbye is the only way..
it’s not because we hate the person and we go far away from the person’s life…but it just because we will can’t forgive ourselves if one day we will do a stupid thing again and put the person that you care a lot on difficult position…

If it happened to you, what will you do???
  1. Make a good wish for the one and you go far away
  2. Forget what in the past and try to start a new page pretending as nothing had happened